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Solomon media lab is an educational hub designed to provide support to the journalistic community.

We organize workshops that offer a safe space for the exchange of expertise among colleagues, and aim to promote innovation, collaborative journalism, as well as a culture of ethical coverage of public interest issues.

We publish toolkits, by teaming up with partner organizations and contributors, that highlight good practices as well as address ‘taboo’ issues in our industry.

Our latest toolkits include Solomon’s toolkit on supporting mental health and well-being for journalists, created through focus groups with colleagues reporting on migration, and our Greek translation of an extensive kit on investigation techniques called ‘Exposing the Invisible’ by Tactical Tech.

In addition, we support the journalistic community with seminars on emerging issues, such as our digital security seminar with Frontline Defenders, as well as small grants that can help an investigation by giving it the boost it needs.

Our media lab started in 2017, bringing together young journalists and individuals from refugee or migrant backgrounds to produce stories that impact their communities but aren’t always heard.

Since then, more than 55 participants have attended hands-on workshops in journalism and multimedia − all led by esteemed colleagues. We have trained young journalists on  covering refugee and migration issues and have facilitated discussions on critical investigations on food systems.

Over the years, Solomon media lab has gained praise from  several European media, and has enabled our team to collaborate with new partners.

“If you can’t stand the pressure, you’re not fit for this job.”

Journalists talk about their mental health in an innovative publication by Solomon, the first evert toolkit in Greece to address the issue.

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