The process

Research is not a solid process, it’s vibrant and creative. Our team acknowledges this mode of inquiry and the importance of reflecting on the process itself while we are in the midst of it. Taking an interdisciplinary and collaborative approach, we aim to bring together people from different backgrounds, skill levels and expertise and publish impactful stories after conducting in-depth and long term research. Our objective is to cultivate an impact by spotlighting stories that in the course of everyday life, mostly pass in front of our eyes, unnoticed. That’s why we focus on underreported – and even unreported – stories that can make a difference to people’s lives.

Inquiry design

We write about people’s stories that emerge from encounters with our community. We investigate, use hypothesis to develop the story and build its structure, find sources, map sources to the story and investigate more.

Content production

After research we bring everything together and write up the story. The outcomes are not just written texts but visual and audio presentations. Multimedia content, both in Greek and English, is published throughout our investigations, keeping you on the journey with us until we reach the final destination – the publication of our in-depth view and long-form articles.

Beyond publication

A published story is not a finished work. Our aim is to advocate through our stories and raise awareness about the topics we cover as well as to engage communities and initiatives through offline events in the course of the investigative process and after the final publication.

On going publications

more publications are coming soon


in line

A Publication about young male migrants and refugees

More than 75,000 asylum seekers arrived in Greece in 2019 alone, either by crossing the northern border with Turkey via the Evros River or by crossing the Aegean from Turkey on boats, hoping to land on one of the Greek islands. 

About 40% of the asylum seekers are men.

How do we tell a story

Each Publication consists of certain items and every item stands as a unique and independent story. But at the same time, each of these elements complements the other and they all make up the bigger narrative. The Publication is a single-issue. Our team delves deeper into the inquiry, devotes all the time necessary to research and attempts an in-depth understanding of the complexities of each topic. We leverage every possible source of information, produce reliable textual and visualized content and adopt a more interdisciplinary approach by engaging experts from different fields. Our stories go beyond their publication. We bring our community to the forefront and build secure dialogues and inclusive online and offline environments in the course of each Publication.

Main articles

Our main content is based on personal stories that will form the essence of the investigative project as a whole. These articles, together with the other elements offer readers, viewers and listeners a full grasp of the subject.


Portraits are the vital bridge between personal narratives and shared experiences. We interview and photograph the people whose stories matter; these are the humans who make the Publication more vibrant.

Data Visualization

Data and numbers are important and each number has a personal story behind it. We recognize the need for trustworthy facts and data. We aim to shape and present data visually, in a more inclusive and interactive design.

Films, photography & fine arts

Short documentaries, videos, pictures, drawings and sketches accompany each Publication.


With the launch of the Publication, podcasts are added to our content formats. Interviews, analysis as well as audio versions of the long reads of each publication will be available online.


Newsletters are what brings us closer and helps us build trust in our relationships with the people of our community. Throughout the course of the research, the people of the Publication will send individual newsletters feature call-outs and questions-in-progress, share insights and first-hand experiences from the field.


Live events establish trust and are a great opportunity to get to know each other. Each Publication will be accompanied by community-based live events. We invite our community to our live events, which precede and follow investigation publication and will consist of discussion panels, focus groups and a final big event.

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