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Greece is consistently placed in the lowest rankings in terms of public confidence indicators towards domestic journalistic content. Many citizens believe that the press does not serve society, but instead serves political, economic and business interests, through corrupt relations which lack transparency.

Solomon is one of the few independent journalism ventures in Greece. During the past six years, our reports, findings and articles have been referred to in the Greek Parliament, we have highlighted issues that went unnoticed by the mainstream media, we have collaborated with established media in Greece and abroad, and we have distinguished ourselves on a European level.

Our team works in direct contact with refugee and immigrant communities, collaborating with professionals in other fields, and organizes workshops for young journalists.

Solomon’s goal is to introduce the public to a new model of journalism: to remind journalists of the impact their work has on our society, and to create a new approach which encourages readers to engage with new independent journalism ventures.

Only in this way will we be able to collectively challenge the established standard of the media, increase the representation of minorities in the media and build the future of journalism with the active participation of the public.

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