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December 03, 2020

Mahmood in waiting

In 2016 Mahmood left Jalalabad, his hometown in Afghanistan, and embarked on a dangerous journey to Europe. After six months he made it to Greece. We meet him in a flat in the suburbs of Athens, which he shares with up to twelve other compatriots; struggling with the Greek asylum services; making a living on the streets; and strolling through the center of Athens. This is his story.
December 03, 2020

A flim by: Constantinos Stathias & Aggelos Athanasopoulos

Project manager: Iliana Papangeli

Research: Nasruddin Nizami

Translation & Subtitling: Nasruddin Nizami & Gigi Papoulias

Music: Athanasia Stathia

Sound design: Aggelos Kontaxis

Song: When Mountains Move

Special thanks to Stavros Malichudis & Fanis Kollias


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