January 11, 2021

Blurred Future

What happens to asylum seekers when they manage to escape the inhumane conditions in which they live in the Reception and Identification Centers on the Greek islands? How do they experience the legislative changes regarding the asylum status, but also the restrictions they place on NGOs?
January 11, 2021

From Turkish prisons to the bureaucratic “maze” they face in Greece, “Blurred Future”, a short film by three seventeen-year-old students in Greece, follows the story of two young male asylum seekers from Mali and Burkina Faso and records the daily struggle for survival, psychological consequences, and uncertainty.


Nefeli Chatzi – Director, script, camera, research
Artemis Andreadi – Video edit, camera
Carolina Zay – Camera
Iason Iliadis – Narrative
Nikos Bougioukos- Sound mix


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