A constant crime in the mediterranean

Research – Analysis and Data Visualization by Thanassis Troboukis


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Since 2014, 18886 refugees and migrants have died or gone missing in their attempt to reach Europe. For every point depicted on the map there has been a deadly incident involving people who attempted to migrate through one of the three Mediterranean routes: the central, eastern or western.

The size of each circle depicts the number of victims in the particular incident. The data were extracted from the Missing Migrants Project of the International Organization for Migration (IOM). The Missing Migrants Project has developed a comprehensive database available to anyone who wants to read the aggregated data. Additional statistics and charts can be found on the Missing Migrants website.

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The perilous border crossing “game” in Bosnia

The perilous border crossing “game” in Bosnia

Migrant people stranded at the Bosnian border wait for the right moment to try their hand at the “game”. Normally they must try multiple times due to violent pushbacks by border forces.

The protectors of refugee children

The protectors of refugee children

They are probably the first and only doctors to examine young refugees who arrive in Athens. The pediatricians Stavroula Dikalioti and Smaragda Papachristidou – due to their efforts and personal interest – have managed to facilitate the refugees’ access to public health, which is provided at no cost, but remains a complicated maze to navigate.

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