Apostolos Kapsalis: “We are travelling in uncharted and stormy seas”

We sat down for a long discussion with the researcher of the Institute of Labor for the phneomenon “Manolada”, the realities of migrant workers in Greece, and the challenges that the pandemic brought -and will bring- not only to the agricultural production, but the rights of the ones ensuring it.

Paul Schlag: “The improvement of the labor market integration can be a very long process”

Solomon Interviews are in-depth conversations about human rights issues and current events with experts from various fields, who offer their perspectives, based on their on-the-ground experience.

Giorgos Tsiakalos: “In Europe, a racist policy is being implemented”

Solomon Q&As are in-depth conversations with people from civil society and human rights on current issues, based on their experience from the field.


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