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How Berlin fights against rising rents and Airbnb economy

Berlin is attempting to regulate the real estate market with an aim to decrease rents – causing mixed reactions. Is Berlin the ‘Caracas of Europe’ or a pioneer in establishing the right to housing?

A midsummer night’s crisis: how the right lost power in Italy

During the summer, political developments in Italy were swift: The “Captain” ran the ship aground, steering right-wing Lega out of power.

The scenario of simple proportional representation: the Greek Parliament under different conditions of representation

Using simple proportional representation to explore what the composition of the current and previous Parliament would resemble and taking a hypothetical look at the past, in search of the last autonomous prime minister.

Economy & Politics
Eyes on Venezuela

Eyes on Venezuela

Although politicians and international media have spoken of “humanitarian crisis” since 2016, in recent weeks we can see an escalation of aggression towards Venezuela, by the same sources.

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