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At Solomon we believe in solidarity and inclusion. The only way to change what affects our shared lives is through mutual respect and understanding. That is why we encourage the participation of socially excluded and vulnerable groups in our activities and we create a safe environment for dialogue and coexistence.


Solomon’s independence has been a basic condition for our team’s activities and the production and publication of our content. Your help is needed so we can continue to research and publish stories that matter to our shared lives, while remaining independent of political and economic influences, special interests and advertising.


Our members’ financial contributions support our effort to make Solomon sustainable by ensuring stability and quality of our operations, without dependence on short-term funding from outside sources.



With the help of our members we support the production of our content. The amount you contribute helps us continue to conduct research on issues that are important, allows us to travel to the locations where the stories are evolving, helps us reimburse the talented and inspirational people who work hard to create our Publications, and makes it possible for us to continually improve the experience of our readers.


At Solomon we take the needs of our community seriously, as well as the various dynamics that develop between the people that make up our diverse communities. With your involvement and support we promote community engagement by live events and online interaction across the range of our activities, dedicating our resources, time and effort.


Our member subscriptions help us continue the work of Solomon LAB by offering free workshops on photography, video and journalism research to refugees, immigrants, vulnerable groups – and beyond. With your support we continue to work and create with these communities.


Why should I become a Member?

As a member of the Solomon community, you can support our efforts to put forth a new model of independent and inclusive journalism which works towards connecting the issues that matter, and the topics which affect the lives of various communities.

With your contribution, you help us continue to publish stories that our team and our community fine important in the struggle to defend human rights.

How much does it cost to become a Member?

The minimum subscription amount is €6 per month. But beyond that, you can choose the amount you want to give for your monthly subscription. Any amount you choose for your subscription is important to our sustainability, so that we may continue to explore the issues that are important to our community and to improve our content and activities.

How can I cancel my Membership?

You may cancel your Membership at any time through your membership profile account.

How is my Membership donation spent?

The funding from member subscriptions is distributed among the three main activities of the organization: Solomon MAG, Solomon LAB, and Solomon CUE.

Your subscription covers basic and ‘emergency’ needs − from partner and staff payments to travel costs needed for journalists to research and cover a story, and to the implementation and development of Solomon LAB workshops.

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