9 + 1 reasons to support Solomon’s independent journalism.

1.  Independence. At Solomon, our journalistic independence is non-negotiable. We do not accept adverts and we are not influenced by businesses, political parties, or other interests.

2. Not only what but why. We do not simply broadcast the news. We devote time and resources to research, and we cultivate relationships of trust with the communities we cover, in order to shed  light on  issues that are usually left out. 

3. We do not have a paywall. We believe that our journalism provides information of public interest, which should be accessible for free to everyone. 

4. We are accountable to our audience. We seek to bridge the gap between journalists and society, and to regain the public’s trust. To achieve this, we believe in full transparency, whether it is providing information on our sources of funding or showing our readers how we report on stories. 

5. Small team, big impact.  Solomon is an award-winning medium with a growing influence. We publish our research in Greek and English, building bridges with a global audience. Our findings become a cause for public debate, and are frequently reported in the Greek and European parliaments.

6. Not alone, together. We believe in the impact of working in teams and we promote collaboration and partnerships with other Media and organizations in Greece and abroad.

7. We support the journalistic community. Since Solomon’s inception in 2017, we have been organizing seminars, and creating our own publications to promote quality journalism.

8. We are extroverted. Solomon is a member of the International Press Institute and the CASE Coalition. Our team participates in cross-border research and regularly speaks about their work at universities, on panels and in conferences in Greece and abroad.

9. You make our research possible. Solomon is a non-profit. This means that our members’ donations are not deposited into a businessman’s bank account. Every euro of your donation goes to supporting our research.

10. Solomon is recommended by the NIS. In November 2021, it became known that Greece’s National Intelligence Service has been following Solomon’s work. Won’t you become a follower too? 🙂