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What is Solomon?

Solomon is an independent media group. Founded in 2016, with and aim to educate and engage refugees and immigrants in content production, it began as a small medium, mainly hosting opinion pieces. Later on, it developed into a reliable, investigative, journalistic tool for covering human rights violations – while always maintaining its independent status and fostering an inclusive environment.

How did Solomon get its name?

Our organization’s name was inspired by the book The Elephant’s Journey, a novel by Nobel Prize-winning author José Saramago. Based on real events that took place in the 16th century, the novel follows an elephant named Solomon as he crosses borders and continents on a journey fraught with dangers. From Asia across Europe, throughout his perilous trek, Solomon maintains his gentle nature, charming all who meet him along the way. The story serves as an observation on those who disregard human dignity, but is also a reminder of the qualities that make us human – compassion and integrity.

What are Solomon's sources of income?

External financing
To date, much of Solomon’s revenue comes from the financial support of private, international institutions. The current funding is from the Migration & Inclusion Unit and the Independent Journalism of the Open Society Foundations.

In the past, we have received financial support from the News Integrity Initiative and CIVIL through the Engaged Journalism Accelerator managed by the European Journalism Center. And also from the Robert Bosch Stiftung through the START – Create Cultural Change program and Open Society Foundations. We have received additional donations from, DIV-A, NOW and Adobe.

Solomon CUE
In an effort to make the organization viable and independent, in 2018 we launched Solomon CUE, a media content production and service division providing third party organizations with photography, video, graphic design, web design and data visualization services. To date, Solomon CUE’s sole clients are non-profit organizations.

Solomon MAG
In March 2020, we launched the Solomon MAG Membership Model. Through this initiative, our readers can help fund Solomon, and support the goals and activities of the entire organization.

Our goal is to gradually decrease the need for external financing and find support solely from the subscriptions of our members.

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